League Rules


1) The league shall be called the South Cambridgeshire Badminton League (herein after referred to as the League).

2) The object of the League is to run inter-club matches, inter-club knock-out, Mixed Handicapped and Bill Pink Tournaments, League Tournaments and promote healthy competition between affiliated clubs.

3) The League shall be administered by a Committee consisting of a Chairman, Administrative Secretary, Results Coordinator, Treasurer, Tournaments Secretary, club representative, and Web Coordinator, who shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting of the League. The County Treasurer, or a nominee from the County Committee, shall act as independent examiner.

4) The functions of the Committee are:

  • a) To make a decision on any matter not expressly provided for in these rules.
  • b) To co-opt further members as and when necessary.
  • c) To draw and handicap the club mixed knock-out tournament in their absolute discretion.
  • d) To draw the Bill Pink knock-out tournament.

5) Committee meetings shall be held when requested in writing by any member of the Committee at such time and place as deemed reasonable. A quorum shall consist of four members.



  • a) An Annual General Meeting shall be held in May, June, July or August of each year, at such time and place as the Committee shall determine, on a date to be notified to all clubs by the Administrative Secretary, such notice being not less than twenty eight days prior to the date of the meeting. The purpose of the meeting shall be to receive the officers’ reports, pass the accounts and the election of officers and appointment of Committee Members for the ensuing season, and for other general business.
  • b) Each member of an affiliated club shall be entitled to attend a General Meeting without the power to vote. Each club shall be entitled to two votes to be cast by their own members.
  • c) Officers and League Committee members shall have a vote and the Chairman shall have a casting vote.
  • d) At any General Meeting 50% of the affiliated clubs and officers shall form a quorum.



  • a) A Special General Meeting may be convened by the Committee or shall be called on the written request of not less than 50% of the affiliated clubs plus officers shall form a quorum.
  • b) Such Special General Meeting shall be convened within five weeks from the date of the receipt of the Administrative secretary of such request and twenty one clear day’s notice shall be given to affiliated clubs of such a meeting.
  • c) The notice convening such a meeting shall fully set out the business to be discussed thereat (together with the names of those affiliated clubs requesting such a meeting) and no other business shall be dealt with at such a meeting.
  • d) Voting powers shall be in accordance with those applicable at the last preceding Annual General Meeting.
  • e) Each member of an affiliated club is entitled to attend a Special General Meeting.



  • a) The financial year ends 30th April.
  • b) The annual statement of accounts and balance sheets, duly certified by the Independent Examiner shall be sent to each affiliated club not less than 28 days before the date of the Annual General Meeting and shall be laid before the meeting.

9) If the Secretary or Match Secretary of a club resigns, the club must report the fact immediately to a member of the League Committee and must forward the name, and contact details of the successor.

10) Competitions shall be open to clubs affiliated to the Badminton England and who are affiliated or associate members of the Cambridgeshire Badminton Association and shall be run in accordance with these rules and the laws of badminton as sanctioned by the Badminton England.

11) Tournaments will be organised at the absolute discretion of the League Committee.



  • a) League entry fees shall be determined by the Committee and ratified at the Annual General Meeting of the League.
  • b) League entry fees must be paid to the Treasurer before matches commence. In any event they must be paid to the Treasurer no later than 1st October each year. In the event of non-compliance with this rule, a £10 fine will be issued in the first instance, with further action taken at the committee’s discretion

13) Clubs must advise the Results Secretary by 1st of August each year how many teams they wish to enter for the following season. Entry to the mixed handicap must also be notified to the Tournaments Secretary by this date. Clubs entering one or more teams in the mixed doubles league must automatically enter one team in the Bill Pink Cup or the Mixed Handicap, or both.

14) Three points will be awarded to the winning team for a 6-3 or better win. Two points will be awarded for a 5-4 win, with one point going to the losing team. In the event of a division placing being tied on points, the team scoring the higher number of rubbers will be placed higher. If rubbers are also level, the team with the higher sets difference will be placed higher. If sets difference is also level, the two matches between the two teams only will be considered, first on match points, then on rubbers, then on sets difference as before.

15) Any team winning a division must automatically accept promotion and similarly a team ending last must accept relegation if necessary.

16) Any club entering the League must start at the lowest division, unless agreed by majority vote at an AGM.

17) All matches must be played to a finish unless rule 20 applies, when six rubbers must be finished. If insufficient court time is available to complete a match, then the home team shall concede all remaining rubbers. If it is not possible to complete a match due to unforeseen circumstances, e.g. power cuts etc, and a result has not been obtained, the match shall be replayed. If a result has been obtained, the matter shall be referred to the League Committee.

18) A player may represent only one club in any one competition. Players may, however, represent one club in the men’s or ladies and another club in the mixed doubles and the Bill Pink. For the purposes of the Mixed Handicap, this is linked to the club a players plays mixed for in the Mixed League.

19) Match Formats Each team in the leagues shall consist of six players. Matches shall consist of each pair of one team playing a rubber against each pair of the opposing team. Rubbers shall consist of best of three games to 21 points. Setting will apply.

20) If either club cannot raise a team for a match and a postponement proves to be impossible, the club concerned may, after informing the opposition, field a team of two pairs. In this event three rubbers will be awarded as walk-overs to the opposing team and six rubbers only will be played.

  • a) If both clubs cannot raise a full team, the match may be played with both teams fielding two pairs; the rubber between the two absent pairs will be considered to be lost by both teams (for a maximum of 8 rubbers won). A 4-4 draw will result in 1 point to each team, and a 5-3 win will result in 2 points on the winning team, and 0 points to the losing team.

21) Clubs playing with ineligible players without prior agreement shall concede the match 9-0. If prior agreement has been reached they shall concede each rubber in which the ineligible player participates. The facts shall be recorded on the score card submitted to the Results Coordinator, duly signed by both captains.

22) Teams giving more than two walk-overs in any one season will be required to forfeit all their matches and be relegated at the discretion of the Committee.

23) Fixture lists must be sent to the Results Coordinator by 1st October. Subsequent amendments should be sent to the Results Coordinator when they occur.

24) Any resignations from the League must be sent to the Results Coordinator in writing.

25) All League trophies must be returned to the League Committee by the 30th April.

26) If a club has two teams in one division of the mixed, ladies, mens or veterans leagues then the first match between the two teams must be played before the end of October. The second match (if there are two) should be played before the end of January.



It is the intention of the below rules regarding nomination, to limit clubs such that any player playing for a club’s lower team should not be clearly stronger than any player regularly playing for a clubs higher team. For example a player who features at any time for a club’s 2nd team should not be a better player than regular 1st team players. It is appreciated that the ability level of new players or those returning from a long break can be difficult to judge.

Cup competitions to not contribute towards being team-tied in league matches.

  • a) Clubs with two or more teams in a section (mens, ladies or mixed) must nominate their best 6 players for each of their higher teams. These nominated players cannot play for a lower team. Nominations must be sent to the Results Coordinator before the first match of the season. In the event of this not happening, the players playing that match will be deemed to be nominated for that team.
  • b) Lower team players may play up; however, once they have played 3 or more games for any higher team, they become “tied” to the next higher team and can no longer play down.
    • For clarity, if a player is nominated for a 3rd team, and plays 2 matches for the 2nd team and 1 match for the 1st team, they are tied as a 2nd team player.
    • If a player is nominated for a 1rd team, and plays 3 matches for the 1s team, they are tied as a 1st team player.
  • c) Nominated players must play at least one of the scheduled matches for their team or for a higher team. If a nominated player is seriously injured or leaves the area and is unable to play any matches, the matter must be referred to the League Committee as soon as possible.


28) Handicaps for the Mixed Handicap Tournament will be based on the strongest mixed team that club can field unless otherwise notified.

29) If for any reason a player cannot complete a match, then that player cannot be replaced and all affected games shall be forfeited to the opposing team.

30) Matches arranged at the club secretaries meeting cannot be re-arranged except with the agreement of both clubs concerned or at the request of the League Committee.

31) All complaints are to be sent to the Results Coordinator within 48 hours. At the same time a copy of the complaint must be sent by the complainant to the secretary of the club against whom the complaint is being made.

32) If a team considers that the conditions of the hall are hazardous to players they may refuse to play. All complaints concerning hall conditions are to be made in writing to the Results Coordinator with a copy of the complaint to the Secretary of the home team within 48 hours of the complaint arising.

33) Match results must be sent to the Results Coordinator within 14 days, by each team. Both team captains should ensure results are agreed before leaving the match. FULL DETAILS of the result in terms of rubbers and sets, together with the names of the players in both teams must be recorded on the results template spreadsheet and emailed to the Results Coordinator.

34) Feather shuttles must be used for all Premier Division mixed, ladies and mens matches. The type of shuttle to be used in other League and knock-out matches to be at the discretion of the home club, but must have a kid and cork base.

35) Clubs should arrange their fixtures so that each team has at least half minus one of their matches before 1st January and at least half minus one of their matches after 1st January. That is for teams with 8 matches at least 3 should be played before 1st January and at least 3 should be played after 1st January. For teams with 6 matches, at least 2, etc.



  • a) The home team is generally responsible for ensuring games are started in a timely manner, in an order that does not block play, and that adequate court time is available.
  • b) Away teams should ensure they are not blocking play by arriving late. If an away team does not have sufficient pairs (arrived and ready to start play) to fill all available courts within 20 minutes of the agreed start time, the away team will concede any games that have not been played at the end of the booked court time.
  • c) Unless [36b] applies, or the away team has otherwise caused significant delay, when court time runs out before the match is completed, any remaining games will be conceded by the home team.