2017/18 League Tables & Cup Draw now released!

Hey Folks,

Apologies this is slightly later than hoped, but we now have the divisions and cup draws all done for the 2017/18 season! These are all available here: Ladies, Mens, Mixed, Cups

The mixed divisions have had to be rejigged slightly; we had a few additional teams and wanted to avoid having 7 teams in one divisions as some clubs were reporting they were struggling with court space last season. This meant creating a new division 3 and sliding a few teams down. We continued the “always promote last year’s winner” rule that we have used previously, which has resulted in some teams that came 2nd bottom last year being relegated. Apologies to those clubs, but our hope is that this will lead to the best badminton.

Ladies divisions now have sufficient teams for 5 teams in each division, so teams won’t be playing eachother 3 teams this season (just the usual 1 home + 1 away fixtures).

We have not yet booked the cup finals, but Sam Shepherd (our Tornament sec) will be in touch about handicaps and deadlines for first round ties shortly. More information to follow.

Most clubs have updated their club info. Please feel free to start organising your fixtures. The fixtures meeting will be at 7pm on 29th August at the Red Bull pub in Newnham. Clubs are reminded that you must send a representative to this meeting, and that paying for entries can be done by cheque at the meeting.

Updated club contacts are available here: https://scambsbadminton.net/index.php/useful-docs/

Enjoy the season everyone!

Get in touch if you have any questions