How To Join

Our league always welcomes new teams where we can, and clubs can enter as many teams in as many disciplines as they like.
When does the season run?From September until end of April.
When is the entry deadline?1st August
How much is entry?£5 per team per dicipline. e.g. 1 mixed team, and 1 ladies team costs £10
Where are matches played?Matches are organised by the clubs, and are played at club's home venues. Teams play eachother twice over a season (once as the home team and once as the away team).
Clubs organise their own matches, with half being played at a clubs home venue. So new clubs will need to source courts for around 5 matches in the season (Oct-April) per team. All matches are best-of-3 games to 21 with setting. Teams play 3 pairs in a match, and each pair plays each opposition pair – so a match consists of 9 rubbers. 3 points are awarded to the winner, unless the score is 5-4, in which case 2 points for the winner and 1 point for the losing team. See scoresheet below as an example. As a rough guide, this takes around 2.5 hours, on two courts (so 5 court hours).
Example Scorecard
Players can be of any age, as long as they arrive on time, have a captain to organise the team, and are respectful on and off court.
For any club wanting to join us, our requirements of your club are:
  1. That you be a Badminton England registered club (with players registered in addition)
  2. That you pay a small league fee (£5 per team per season)
  3. That you have a named match secretary(s) who can organise the season’s matches in August, who can attend the once-per-year fixtures meeting where most of these are set.
  4. That you ensure a representative of the club is able to attend the once-per-year AGM in July
  5. That you give us a commitment to ensuring 6 players can play in each match and that no more than 2 matches are going to be missed or conceded.
  6. That you give us assurances that an on-the-day captain will be assigned for each match, to record and submit scores, ensure smooth running of games, ETC.
  7. That you commit to teams that are joining/not joining our league by 1st August.

New clubs always join in the bottom division.

Please get in touch if you have any futher questions!


(South Cambs Badminton League, Results Coordinator)